A Monte Carlo Code Package for Determination of Optical Parameters with Data Measured using an Integrating Sphere

On this page, you can download the individual photon tracking Monte Carlo (iMC) source code, its user manual and a related article that have been developed in the Biomedical Laser Laboratory for inverse determination of optical parameters from measured signals with an integrating sphere. The code is intended for research purposes. If you decide to use the code for research leading to publications, the authors would appreciate your citation of this web page or related publication by members of BLL. We would also like to hear your questions and comments, please send them to Dr. Hu (


Hu, X.H., Chen, C., Lu, J.Q., "OPDISM - Optical Parameters Determined by Integrating Sphere Measurement", Biomedical Laser Laboratory, Department of Physics, East Carolina University:


Files for download:

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