Laser Lab

The Laser & Optics Lab

The laser lab is located in room N-214 and room C204 in the Howell Science Complex. Major equipment includes a diffraction imaging flow cytometer, high-power Nd:YAG Q-switched laser system, a nanosecond N2 and dye laser system, multiple cw diode-pumped solid state lasers and diode lasers, harmonic generators with nonlinear crystals, a UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer, a high-resolution (0.03nm) spectrometer with a TE-cooled 16-bit CCD camera and a compact CCD array spectrometer system, 8-inch and 6-inch integrating spheres, monochromoters and light sources from 200nm to 2.5 mm, a 500MHz digitizing oscilloscope, a laser beam profile analysis system, dual-channel digital lock-in amplifier, a boxcar with two gated integrators, a synchronized dual-AO modulator system, signal synthesizers, digital pulse delay generators and numerous optical/electronic accessories.


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