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Our major research interests lie in the understanding of biological systems by investigating their interaction with light through measurement of scattered light signals. Over the past decades, we have developed in the Biomedical Laser Laboratory (BLL) a laser-optics experimental research facility and, through collaborations, high-performance computing facility. Experimental measurements are carried out in the laser lab with in-house developed experimental systems for image and spectroscopic data acquisition and analysis. Large-scale numerical studies are actively pursued to clearly understand the correlations between samples' optical and morphological properties and scattered light signals. These research activities allow us to develop innovative approaches of acquiring big data on complex biological samples and machine learning algorithms and tools for rapid extraction of inherent properties and analysis of biological cells and tissues for wide-ranged applications.

Optical research is conducted at BLL with an approach of ubiquitous computing. (click here for more on BLL)

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March, 2022

Analysis of polarized diffraction images of human red blood cells: a numerical study

Biomedical Optics Express, 13, 1161-1172 (2022)

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