Flow Cytometric and Goniometric Study of Cells


Spatial distribution of light coherently scattered by biological cells depend on their 3D morphology in terms of the intracellular distribution of refractive index. This dependence presents a strong correlation between the scattered light signals' distribution or fringe patterns and the 3D cell morphology and affords the possibility for fast assay of these cells. In this research project, we explore these relations as the scientific basis for developing new and novel optical technologies to analyze and classify cells based on their 3D morphology rapidly without the need for fluorescent labeling, which often disrupt the events that are to be studied.

Throughout this project, the researchers aim to combine high-performance computing with goniometry and flow-cytometry measurement of light scatters for differentiation of biological cells of complex morphology. The development of FDTD modeling of light scattering based on 3D structure reconstruction with confocal images by this research group over the last few years provided a powerful tool for accurate simulation of light scattering patterns. And this simulation study can be applied to investigate the correlation between 3D cell morphology and spatial distribution of scattered light recorded as diffraction image data.

We intend to further these efforts by development of a new diffraction imaging flow cytometer for acquisition of 2D diffraction image data which yield the angular distribution of light scatters from single blood cells. Based on these investigations, the patterns characterization of specific cell morphologies will be established. The goal of this project is to combine the light scattering measurements through acquisition of diffraction image data with FDTD modeling and confocal imaging to develop new methods for cell differentiation and detection of malignancy in early stages.


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